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Appendicitis (English Version)

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Well, today I will share the appendix ... Term appendix to the organ. Term for appendicitis is inflammation of the organ. So in fact the disease is  appendicitis not appendix yeah ~ ~

What is appendicitis? 

Appendix is a short dead-end tube-ended, thin and embedded in the caecal end. (On the right)

What is its function?


What causes inflammation of the appendix or appendicitis ? 

Unexplained. Medical experts suggest obstruction the remaining food in the appendix, such as pepper, melon seeds, etc. (Beware ye jgn mkn biji2) and swollen of lymph glands as the cause.
Okay. Now, Doctor (eh perasantan plak) will discuss on symptoms that can be diagnosed as appendicitis.

The main Simptoms is sick in the stomach (abdomen). Pain begins at the center of the middle and then to the right lower abdomen (abdomen). Pain will increase when moving, coughing or sneezing.

Among other symptoms are:

• Fever 

• Nausea and vomiting sometimes 
• Constipation or diarrhea 
• Poor appetite
 • swollen abdomen

If there are signs above please see me or a Doctor of Veterinary yer ... shall Lalala ~ ~ ~

Ok, now the doctor is a story about how common the use of doctors for the diagnosis of appendicitis (Please try at home yer). 

You will feel pain when gently pressed (if you press kuat2 than pain thats not appendicitis yeah) in the lower right abdomen and increased pain when pressure is released.

What is the danger of appendicitis? 

If not treated immediately you are likely to get two complications. The first one: breaking or penetration (perforation) in the appendix, skip or waste discharge into in the stomach and cause infection in the stomach lining (peritonitis) and fatal. The second: A collection of pus is unstoppable by tissue damage and swelling.

What is the treatment? 

Everything has been aware. Appendectomy is the only way. Ohh if you want to know is the term appendec = appendectomy appendix removal .. n Tomy = mean removal of the appendix or remove the appendix ~ 

This one I will describe in the next post later.

Thank you for sharing public. Invite a la kawan2 read for this info

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